Jan Fallon - Author of Christian Suspense and Story, Lakewood, Coloraod
Jan Fallon - Author of Christian Suspense and Story, Lakewood, Colorado

Author Jan Fallon

Jan Fallon writes about the ways of life and the ways of God, which are at the same time both worrisome and wondrous. She writes to answer this wonder with plausible possibilities that are close to home and bring readers closer to God.

Campsite Six, a quick-paced suspense novel, filled with what-ifs is such a story.

Jan’s new novel, The Catechism of Emily Pry, is scheduled for release in the Fall of 2019.

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Campsite Six

Evie wants to quiet the noise from her past, with a mother who keeps it all too fresh, and a dark secret that follows her everywhere. Had her imagination run wild, or was she being followed?

It seemed everyone, in heaven and on earth, was searching for Evie Clayborn–but one had the worst of intentions.

They had to find her first. It was her only hope.


I read Campsite Six and was immediately hooked. As the intensity increased, I didn’t want to talk to my wife sitting beside me, I didn’t want to eat the meal, I just wanted to finish it. I loved the book and look forward to reading more.

Michael Klassen

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Campsite Six – Sample Chapter

Campsite Six - Black Bear Chapter 12 Dark, dusty clouds puffed up behind the crackling, curving tires as the park ranger drove slowly along the gravel road. It was 6:00 p.m., dusk, and he had to get his rounds in before sunset, then back to the station and waiting...

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