Heirloom in a Shoebox

It wasn’t a family heirloom like you might expect: A cache of precious jewels or an antique family portrait. It was an old battered shoebox. But you take what you can get. It was a miracle the battered box of photographs still existed. I don’t even remember when they...

Campsite Six – Sample Chapter

Campsite Six - Black Bear Chapter 12 Dark, dusty clouds puffed up behind the crackling, curving tires as the park ranger drove slowly along the gravel road. It was 6:00 p.m., dusk, and he had to get his rounds in before sunset, then back to the station and waiting...

Red Sky at Morning: Easter comes with a warning

There is a thread of alarm running through the Easter story. You can read it in the first verse of John Chapter 20. Mary stood outside the tomb, before the sun had lifted its head to turn the horizon red, and saw that the stone—a stone too heavy for anyone...

Write a Good Book Review – whether you like it or not!

You might think this a simple, quick task. Buy, read, review—done! However, many readers stop after they’ve read, leaving the author waiting for their coveted book review for this one fact: reviews can be hard to write—and most readers aren’t writers. Here...

Simple – A Legacy

Simple stood on the stoop of his shop, wrist resting on the handle of a broom he often used, chin propped on top, watching people walk to or from wherever they were going or had gone. He welcomed the few nods and a seldom, “Simple,” given by those who knew...

Jump, Act, Do this Christmas

I am very happy you've joined me to read this post. But, I'm not always content, especially during the Christmas season. This is why I love God’s Words of Wisdom in Ecclesiastes. Ecclesiastes 8:1 (TLB) How wonderful to be wise, to understand things, to be...

We Yearn

As a kid, I came home from morning kindergarten to an empty house and spent the afternoon in search of my mom, even wandering across busy streets to scour neighborhood bars to find her. I was like the little bird in the 1960's children’s book “Are you my...

What a Good Marriage Can Do

When couples get married they are sometimes described as newlyweds wearing rose-colored glasses. They only expect the “better” part of being in a marriage relationship, leaving the “worse” part to others. The rosiness blurs the lines between what might bring conflict,...

Campsite Six (Excerpt)

Now available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle! Chapter One Excerpt The city stood erect and imposing. Crowds walled within its maze moved in streams of color and shadow, with an urban pulse coursing through each running, rattling member. Evie was one of them....

Your affectionate uncle, Screwtape

In my attempt to write letters as C.S. Lewis did in his collection of The Screwtape Letters, it was easier to imagine what I thought demons would say, than how I thought C.S. Lewis would write. My writings are just a brush stroke where Lewis wrote murals. But their...

An Interpretation of the Book of Ruth

Ruth, the Moabitess, was Mahlon’s widow, Naomi’s daughter-in-law, the wife of Boaz, mother of Obed, grandmother of Jesse, and great-grandmother of David. Ruth was described in scripture in these many roles, each one a step of deep calling and clear purpose. The Book...

Sex Was My Last Priority: boy was I wrong!

When I was first married, I strived for sterility. I wanted a clean house with washed laundry—and as much ordered chaos as possible in a family busy with three boys. This sterility seeped into my sexual relationship with my husband. My motto was, “We can make love—if...

Courage to Change

Every time I see a crumpled or folded up piece of tissue I think of Mom. She tucked them into at least one pocket of every article of clothing she wore and in the cushions of the furniture she sat in. They irritated me! Wet and shredded in the washing machine,...

When Men Cry

“You look beautiful when you cry,” my mother said looking into my glistening brown eyes. I was no stranger to tears. I had experiences as a young girl that made crying come easy. Whenever I was hurt, afraid, even embarrassed, my face would contort against my will,...

It’s NOT about aliens!

“It’s NOT about aliens!” This is my adamant response to the film, Signs by M. Night Shyamalan. In fact, in each of Shyamalan’s films, Signs, The Sixth Sense, Unbreakable, The Village, I have learned to pay attention to the underlying meanings, the personal, intimate...

Radio Interview on AM91 with Roy Hanschke | Aired 6-27-18

by Jan Fallon | Interview with an Author | My Story & Campsite Six Debut Novel

Jan Fallon


Campsite Six is Jan Fallon’s debut novel based on parts of her story that are fictionalized in its pages through the life of Evie Clayborn.

I enjoy writing about the ways of life and the ways of God, which are at the same time both worrisome and wondrous. Stories of the Bible can leave me wondering about the areas we see only through a darkened glass (1 Corinthians 13:12). I write to answer this wonder with plausible possibilities that are close to home and bring readers closer to God.”


Campsite Six by Jan Fallon

Excerpt from Chapter One

The city stood erect and imposing. Crowds walled within its maze moved in streams of color and shadow, with an urban pulse coursing through each running, rattling member.

Evie was one of them.

Rushing through her morning routine she ascended from her garden apartment, ready for the energy of the day to push her forward. The city told her where to go, what to do, and who to do it with. Evie wasn’t quite the mover and shaker of a bustling city, but she had her own network of connections, people she relied on and who relied on her for day-to-day decisions and operations.

She ran across East Street, jacket open, scarf and hair braided by the wind, blown forward by a rush of rusty bus exhaustion, calculating how much time she had to grab a latte and catch the train to get across town. She joined jittery lines feigning movement with urgent calls, news updates and text messages, hurriedly cupping coffees and jumping back into the push.

Pressed against other commuters in the already full cabin, Evie watched as the doors opened with a pneumatic cry to embrace and expel riders en route, offering a faint smile toward each new passenger, met by drawn faces not as ready to meet the day.

Evie’s smile hid her anxiety. She wasn’t looking forward to presenting her report at the early morning meeting, now just minutes away, as she trailed under the city to her job at Sorenson and Thompson, mind lost in last minute details with reminders not to forget this and to remember that.

Suddenly, the train braked hard, throwing Evie awake to now.

It groaned against its hurling momentum, the pain of strained metal howling to a screeching halt, biting smoke fuming oily aromas with an exhausted, diminishing hiss.


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The Story behind the Story

Courage to Change tells the story of a young girl’s years of worry and heartache that compelled her to search for more, and the courage it took to relinquish a lifetime of fear. The story unveils the hope that would lead her, and her mother, to face the unknowns and search for a lifelong change that would last forever.