Campsite Six: Black Bear – Chapter 12

Dark, dusty clouds puffed up behind the crackling, curving tires as the park ranger drove slowly along the gravel road. It was 6:00 p.m., dusk, and he had to get his rounds in before sunset, then back to the station and waiting game of euchre.

The rounds were routine, especially after eight years on the job. A nod to a set of campers here, a stop to secure a bear-proof garbage bin there. It didn’t pay much, but it was relaxing and enjoyable work.


Jan Fallon – Author

Campsite Six is Jan Fallon’s debut novel based on parts of her story that are fictionalized in its pages through the life of Evie Clayborn.

“I enjoy writing about the ways of life and the ways of God, which are at the same time both worrisome and wondrous. Stories of the Bible can leave me wondering about the areas we see only through a darkened glass (1 Corinthians 13:12). I write to answer this wonder with plausible possibilities that are close to home and bring readers closer to God.”

Campsite Six, a quick-paced, speculative-suspense novel filled with what-ifs is such a story.


Between the Lines

There’s more to you than meets the eye. If I were to interview you today, we’d start out with basic questions and basic answers. Questions I’m comfortable asking and answers you’re comfortable giving. But it couldn’t stay that way, not for very long. As an author, I...

What Do You Want?

“What do you want?” The thought stuck in my mind and it wouldn’t go away. There I was, packing my bag for a quick trip to visit my cousins, Janet and Judy, who lived in Arizona. A short hour flight from Denver and I’d be there. A girly getaway with shared McCann...

Heirloom in a Shoebox

It wasn’t a family heirloom like you might expect: A cache of precious jewels or an antique family portrait. It was an old battered shoebox. But you take what you can get. It was a miracle the battered box of photographs still existed. I don’t even remember when they...

Campsite Six – Sample Chapter

Campsite Six - Black Bear Chapter 12 Dark, dusty clouds puffed up behind the crackling, curving tires as the park ranger drove slowly along the gravel road. It was 6:00 p.m., dusk, and he had to get his rounds in before sunset, then back to the station and waiting...

Red Sky at Morning: Easter comes with a warning

Jesus spent much of his earthly ministry foretelling his death, burial and resurrection. It was a warning. And as warnings often are, it seemed like very bad news. His disciples recoiled at the thought of his possible capture, persecution, and death. Was it true? Jesus would be among those to fall under the harsh hand of Roman rule? Would their heavy swords come to punctured blows against their leader? It was hard to believe.

Write a Good Book Review – whether you like it or not!

You might think this a simple, quick task. Buy, read, review—done! However, many readers stop after they’ve read, leaving the author waiting for their coveted book review for this one fact: reviews can be hard to write—and most readers aren’t writers. Here are a few steps to help you write a good book review, whether you loved the book… or not.

Simple – A Legacy

Simple stood on the stoop of his shop, wrist resting on the handle of a broom he often used, chin propped on top, watching people walk to or from wherever they were going or had gone. He welcomed the few nods and a seldom, “Simple,” given by those who knew him enough to address him directly. His given name was Simpson, a man who listens, and even though he didn’t know the meaning of his name, he was.

Jump, Act, Do this Christmas

I met my husband Chuck in 1983, just before the holidays. On one of our first dates he wanted to share stories of Christmases past, present and future. A great idea, right? But as soon as he mentioned the word “past” I was out. With a broken family, lost loved ones and unpleasant experiences that can still make me sad, my past was a topic I avoided at all costs. I needed God’s wisdom to soften some of the hardness that gave me a bad outlook.

We Yearn

For over 20 years I hoped for what I didn’t have, you could see it in my easy-to-tear eyes, my hands that quivered so much it was hard to hold a pencil, and finally, in my life choices that led me down a path strikingly similar to that of my mom’s. As a young Irish-Italian woman, I did not wait patiently, and I did not wait with hope in the Lord. I gave up, walked away, and forged a life of my own.

What a Good Marriage Can Do

My family was part of a larger second generation clan that settled in Michigan to work in the auto industry. Dad joined the line while Mom stayed home, cooking his favorite Italian meals. Two boys and two girls later, we moved into a nice suburban city adjoining the factories of Detroit. Heck, we even had a dog. It was amazing how fast things unravelled.

Campsite Six (Excerpt)

Evie’s heart raced, while her stalled mind watched bodies fling in slow motion toward the front and then back of the car like pendulums anchored to seats or poles to which they desperately clung. Frozen under a flickering light, Evie scoped the damage, while those around her did the same, staring through eyes glazed with the surreal, scurrying to grab belongings shifted out of place, pressing clothes back into shape with stressed hands.

Your affectionate uncle, Screwtape

I mentioned freedom of mind. This is a vacuous trap. You see the emptiness as your success, but you have never been closer to utter uselessness. When her mind is silent she has nothing to listen to except “the still small voice” that conquers all. Your assignment is to create a clamor of demands that edge out any opportunity for a willful approach to hear. Even the Enemy’s silence can be heard if her mind becomes quiet enough.

An Interpretation of the Book of Ruth

The Book of Ruth describes God’s provision for those who choose to follow Him. It is a story of the redemption of Naomi as God’s chosen faithful and of Ruth as a gentile accepted by faith. It is an analogy of God’s redemption offered to all people, which proclaims “whosoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life” (John 3:16).

Sex Was My Last Priority: boy was I wrong!

I know, Eve ate the apple. But before that unfortunate moment, she stood in the garden, God’s choice for Adam’s partner. More than any other creature, she was pleasing to him in every way. I wondered what she had that I didn’t. Then realized it was the other way around. Eve didn’t have a house to keep squeaky clean. Or a shopping list or one too many tasks to perform.

Courage to Change

Many things about Mom irritated me. She was lazy, preoccupied with herself, had little ambition and seemed content to deny her trouble with alcohol. “Alcoholic” was a word I used to describe Mom at every possible moment. All my troubles seemed encased in that one word. The death of my sister when I was seven and the death of my father two years later, going to eleven schools

When Men Cry

“You look beautiful when you cry,” my mother said looking into my glistening brown eyes. I was no stranger to tears. I had experiences as a young girl that made crying come easy. Whenever I was hurt, afraid, even embarrassed, my face would contort against my will, turn beet red and spurt teardrops at the drop of a dime. I rarely saw anyone cry as much as me, which made matters worse.

It’s NOT about aliens!

Even though these films include that “unhuman” ingredient that gives us chills and that shrinking feeling before an upcoming scene, I believe that each film speaks to the inner lives of men: Who are we, what motivates us and what will we do once we know? In Signs, the Hess family is relentlessly harassed by the worst type of alien – it strikes all of the imagery of what is believed about ETs

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by Jan Fallon | Interview with an Author | My Story & Campsite Six Debut Novel

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