It takes some understanding. And I am lacking. I have ready many posts and pages about the track to traditional publishing and have found it also takes patience. Lacking again.

This week I have been on many or several (whichever is more) publishing websites and had to scour to see if they are traditional or partner publishers. Jerry Jenkins says the difference is this:

Why pay to be printed if there’s a chance you can get paid to be published? [emphasis mine]

Because I lack patience and understanding. My book is done, I think. I’m ready to move forward. But do I have the patience to understand what I really need to do?

  • As a writer I want the challenge and recognition (good or bad) of the traditional route – and to be paid.
  • As a designer (with experience self-publishing) I want the immediate relief of self or partner publishing – even if I have to pay for it.

In my search for my next step, finding a literary agent, this one had me pegged;

Fiction writing is a noble and exciting life—if you can find a formula that helps you become a selling writer. The hard work to achieve that goal is overlooked by far too many first novel writers.

Read along with me!

Article: Understanding Fiction Publisher Barriers