A Work In Progress.

You can see that phrase in the footer of my current work. A work in progress for a few years of writing and waiting. Waiting for more story and more stamina. I finished my book in January, three short months ago. Friends ask me how it’s going… my response? I’m editing. I’m still editing.

Editing. I’m on a steep curve with a lot of lessons to learn.

Here’s a few from Jerry Jenkins:

A great book can never be too long and a bad book can never be short enough.

You can pour your whole life into writing a manuscript—hours, days, weeks, months, years sometimes—and the reality is, unless you give an editor a compelling reason, your three or four hundred page manuscript might get fewer than five minutes of their time.

So I have become a student of my weaknesses and applied a few techniques, whittling my current manuscript down from 77,000 to 65,000 words and it hurts. I edited out a character, then put her back in; took out passages that dragged, knowing my word count would suffer; learned a bit about writing for the reader; and many other ways to create a compelling story.

Another quote surprises me each time I hear it:

My first book was awful!

This from several seasoned authors, reflecting on their first book picked up by a traditional publisher. Good news! I don’t think my book is awful, yet. If I get published, it’s a moment of reflection I’ll enjoy.

Am I ready? Ready to face those who know the pitfalls and tendencies of a writer in her author-infancy? I look forward to the day when I know better, which can only happen if I take the plunge.

Here I go!

P.S. If you’re on the same journey, I’d love to hear from you!

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