Jan Fallon is an author and artist who keeps busy writing articles and working as a web and graphic designer. Her recently released debut novel, Campsite Six, is based on parts of her story that are fictionalized in its pages through the life of Evie Clayborn.

I enjoy writing about the ways of life and the ways of God, which are at the same time both worrisome and wondrous. Stories of the Bible can leave me wondering about the areas we see only through a darkened glass (1 Corinthians 13:12). I write to answer this wonder with plausible possibilities that are close to home and bring readers closer to God.”

Campsite Six, a quick-paced, speculative-suspense novel filled with what-ifs is such a story.

Her fictional piece written in the style of The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis entitled, Your Affectionate Uncle, Screwtape, was sought as an example with permission to quote it and other writings. This interest lit the fire that eventually prompted her to write Campsite Six.

Jan has published articles in various Christian magazines; Sex was my Last Priority on Today’s Christian Woman, and What a Good Marriage Can Do on Growthtrac Magazine, and Heirloom in a Shoebox in Power for Living magazine. Her personal story, Courage to Change, weaves through Campsite Six in various threads. These and additional writings can be read on Jan’s Blog.

Her novel in progress entitled The Catechism of Emily Pry is scheduled to be released the Fall of 2019.

She currently resides near the foothills of Denver, Colorado with her husband Chuck Fallon, LPC, author of Marriage Recall, and happily near their three grown sons. Jan is a graduate of Colorado Christian University and is a graphic designer and owner of ScriptArt, LLC.

Campsite Six is now available on Amazon!

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The Story behind the Story

Courage to Change tells the story of a young girl’s years of worry and heartache that compelled her to search for more, and the courage it took to relinquish a lifetime of fear. The story unveils the hope that would lead her, and her mother, to face the unknowns and search for a lifelong change that would last forever.

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