Camping in Death Valley, Paxson Woelber

Breathing Hope

There are a thousand people
walking far and nigh

With noses pointed north so far
you wonder what’s so high

People watch, and tell the tale
“Their heads are in the clouds”

Really they just hope to see
up above the shroud

Breathing hope pulls you up way high
to reach the air that’s pure

You have to stretch up, way up tall
You’ll gain an inch for sure

It takes some strength to stand so tall
and fail, tho’ you try

Every head is brought back down
to drop a tear and cry

For when you reach to breath in hope
and gaze above the clouds

The misty mantle sprays your face
and pools there for t’morrow

See when you cry, it’s angels’ tears
held in celestial shroud

Go now and drop this heav’nly dew
upon your loved one’s brow

Dedicated with love to Charlie and Beverly Turnbo and family


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