The past few weeks I’ve been circling through the life of an author, discovering more about what this effort means.

Writing is energizing: I feel things intensely. The ups are UP and the DOWNS are down.

  • I LOVE writing, experiencing the story taking shape, having a life of its own that I just have to follow, enjoying AHA! moments that catch me by surprise, having a relationship with my¬†characters.
  • I HATE writing, it’s HARD, I have to edit, check facts, scrutinize choices, develop my characters, test the energy of my words, discern publishing paths, and say something that really matters.

Two discussions with agents who offer differing publishing paths have taught me my strengths and weaknesses. I know too much to be talked into a bad deal, but not enough to know my exact path or plan.

One is brewing. One that I feel excited about. I’ve started my Beta Readers Group for feedback as the first step.

Want to sign up to be a Beta Reader? Sign up here!

Stay tuned for another excerpt posted soon!