Campsite Six – Sample Chapter

Campsite Six - Black Bear Chapter 12 Dark, dusty clouds puffed up behind the crackling, curving tires as the park ranger drove slowly along the gravel road. It was 6:00 p.m., dusk, and he had to get his rounds in before sunset, then back to the station and waiting...

Your affectionate uncle, Screwtape

I mentioned freedom of mind. This is a vacuous trap. You see the emptiness as your success, but you have never been closer to utter uselessness. When her mind is silent she has nothing to listen to except “the still small voice” that conquers all. Your assignment is to create

His Place Prepared

He swung the door wide open. To show me a place real fine. Could you make a few changes, I asked—That is, if you don’t mind. Place a wingback chair, right over there, In the corner by the stairs. That’s where she reads her Bible and say her morning prayer

Simple – A Legacy

Simple stood on the stoop of his shop, wrist resting on the handle of a broom he often used, chin propped on top, watching people walk to or from wherever they were going or had gone. He welcomed the few nods and a seldom, “Simple,” given by those who knew him

One to Light

Black as blue can be. A dark cacophony. Whose very essence screams, its intent and hastening. A shrewd malevolence needs a place of mediocrity. And found a spot in core and heart to rest its head and do its part. And as its indentation lay, impressing spirits not to delay…

Breathing Hope

There are a thousand people walking far and nigh. With noses pointed north so far you wonder what’s so high. People watch, and tell the tale “Their heads are in the clouds.” Really they just hope to see up above the shroud. Breathing hope pulls you up way high to…

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